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We have an outdoor play area for natural play as well as a indoor play area for creative development.


We promote values like friendship, self esteem and sharing. Kids learn skills that will benefit them as they develop.

Our Vision

To loving coming everyday and to fullfill every childs potential. To prepare them for school and life.
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Recent Projects

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content_img_1It has been said that “a child learns more in his or hers first few years than their entire life.” At Loving Mom Daycare we provide a positive influence on these formative years through the fundamentals of love, praise and encouragement and interactive play. Learning the importance of empathy, respect, manners, patience, determination and being a team player. Samantha treats the children as if they were her own. Proud of their accomplishments and helping to be the best little persons they can be.

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  • Learning to put our shoes away
  • Interactive play in the play room
  • Appropriate toys for boys and girls
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  • Large outside playground
  • Ride on toys and slides for everyone
  • Fully Fenced Playground
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  • Circle time for Reading, Singing
  • Circle table for many crafts
  • Learning about Washing hands
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Mini Gallery

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Parterning with parents to enrich the childrens lives through love, laughter, friendships and sharing. To build strong self esteem and leadership.