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content_img_1It has been said that “a child learns more in his or hers first few years than their entire life.” At Loving Mom Daycare we provide a positive influence on these formative years through the fundamentals of love, praise and encouragement and interactive play. Learning the importance of empathy, respect, manners, patience, determination and being a team player. Samantha treats the children as if they were her own. Proud of their accomplishments and helping to be the best little persons they can be.

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  • Learning to put our shoes away
  • Interactive play in the play room
  • Appropriate toys for boys and girls
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  • Large outside playground
  • Ride on toys and slides for everyone
  • Fully Fenced Playground
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  • Circle time for Reading, Singing
  • Circle table for many crafts
  • Learning about Washing hands
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Parterning with parents to enrich the childrens lives through love, laughter, friendships and sharing. To build strong self esteem and leadership.

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To Love coming everyday and to fullfill every childs potential to prepare them for school.

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Loving Mom Daycare has been serving the community of Cloverdale since 2000.

Starting ages: from 1 year up to 11 years

Driving to and from two local schools – driver meets all licensed standards. For more information and to book a time, click here to view the contact page or call 604 807-0348

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This lovely small setting meets all standards and provides a safe, happy warm environment for childen to grow up and learn. We provide all the comforts of Home.